Sat-Sun Aug 10-11

    Region E Regionals - TWO DAY Meet
    Repsol Sports Centre 2225 MacLeod Trail South, Calgary, AB
    Start: 7:00 AM
    End: 6:00 PM (estimated)

    Your swimmer MUST have swum in a swim meet during the season in order to be eligible to swim at Regionals. Your swimmer will be chaperoned on pool deck (parents are NOT allowed on the pool deck unless they are volunteering), but your swimmer will be able to come up to see you in the stands.

    Tue Aug 13

    Year End Party and Awards
    Elevation Place & Creek Side Hall (600B- 9th Street)
    Start: 5:00 PM
    End: 8:30 PM

    This is our year end party and awards, we will have a fun swim session 5-6pm for all coho swimmers at EP then all coaches and swimmers will walk to creekside hall for 6:30pm. We encourage and ask that all families come and take part....cross train and Jr families...this includes you!  We will have a BBQ with smokies, veggie dogs, salads and Ice tea and some hot drinks to share Please sign up and bring a dessert to share.  

    Fri-Sun Aug 16-18

    Provincials - THREE DAY MEET
    Kinsmen Sport Centre, 9100 Waterdale Hill, Edmonton, AB
    Start: 4:00 PM
    End: 5:00 PM (estimated)

    Your swimmer must have qualified in Regionals in order to sign up for Provincials.  Two pools are used at the same time, so MANY volunteers are required to make this event happen!

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