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Swim Meet FAQ

How long do swim meets usually last?
You should plan to be at the meet for 8+ hours, but keep in mind that most of the time you won’t be racing. Bring things to help you pass the time.

When should I arrive at the meet?
Your coach will give you special instructions regarding what time he/she wants you there for warm-up.

What should I do when I arrive at the meet?
The first thing all swimmers should do when they arrive at a meet is find their coach. All swimmers must arrive at the time the coach has given. Once that is done, swimmers must get changed into swimsuits and gather with team on pool deck for warm-ups.

How will I know when my race is?
All events have an event number (e.g. Event #7, Girls 7&8 – 25 Metre Freestyle). Know what events you are competing in and what event numbers they are. Many swimmers write their event numbers on their hand or arm with a ball point pen. Pay attention to the announcer as he/she announces what event is in the water or what event is being marshalled. If the meet is at the Talisman Center, you can also check the timing system board which will show the event and heat number of the event in the water.

My event is nearing - what should I do before I go to the marshalling area?
Swimmers need to find their coaches at the coaches table and tell them they are going to the marshalling area and will be swimming their event soon.

What happens if I don't check in?

Swimmers who do not check-in at the marshalling area at least 30 minutes before the start of their race will not be allowed to compete in that event.

What happens if I check-in for an event and don't swim it?
Swimmers who have checked in for an event that do not swim may be penalized and might not be allowed to swim in their next event.

What happens if I get to my lane and starting blocks late?
Generaly this doesn’t happen, since swimmers are ‘marshalled’ in their assigned heats and lanes to the starting blocks. But, if you are not behind your starting block when the heat before your race finishes, you will be called to the blocks by the Meet Officials. If you do not arrive before the Meet Official blows the long whistle, you will not be allowed to swim in your race and you may also be penalized and may not be allowed to swim in your next race.

What do I do after I finish a race?
After you race you should do several things after you get out of the pool. Older swimmers should always warm-down after they swim. If you don’t know how long you should warm-down, ask your coach before your race. Second, after warming-down, find a dry towel and/or some warm clothes. Last, but not least, go see your coach. He/she will have things to tell you about the race you’ve swam. Younger swimmers should dry-off after their race, visit their coach, and go rest and listen up for their next race.

Where do I go when I'm not in the water?
The team will congregate (camped) in a general area at the meet venue. Look for your friends and find yourself a spot. You can leave your belongings in this area when you are racing, but it is not a good idea to leave valuables unattended or out in the open.

When can I leave the swim meet?
Swimmers are supposed to be at the swim meet for the entire duraton. Because swimmers are entered in several events, swimmers should not leave the swim meet without permission from their coach, especially before relays (end of meet). Should a swimmer scheduled to swim in a relay leave, the relay team will not be able to compete. If for an unexpected reason you need to leave the swim meet early, you must contact your coach

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