Tritons Re-Cap

Hello All!!

Here is the Tritons re-cap! This was such a fun meet. All coaches swam, and swimmers broke more club records! Holy Smokes!

Norah: 3 PB's and a 2nd in the 50 BR

Carter: 4 PB's and a club record in the 50BK and 100 IM as well as a 1st, 2nd and two 3rds.

Evan: 3 PB's! Hard work is paying off

Adi: 1PB and 2 4ths and a 5th!

Tai: 3 PB's! Well done!

Madi: 3 PB's and top 10 finishes!

Dylan: 2 PB's! Great work!

Jocelyn: All 4 PB's!

Chloe: 2 PB's and a 3rd in the 800 FR!

Coach Ben: 1st in the 50 FR! Nice

Tanner: 2nd in the 200 FR and 3 PB's

Kaya: all 4 PB's! Wow!

Trillian: 2 PB's and 2 3rd's!

Tony: 2 PB's! Nice

Cody: 1PB and 3 top 10 finishes!

Jordan: 1st in the 200FR, and 4 PB's!

Coach Alex: 1 PB and a 1st and 2nd place!

Ella: 3 PB's 3 1st's! As well as a lub record in the 50 FR and 100IM

Rylee: Awesome meet Rylee! You were on fire! Looking good.

Coach Kate: 1st in the 100 IM! and a record in the 200FR and 100IM

David: 4 PB's and 1 st, a 2nd and two 3rds!

Gabby: 4 PB's, nice!

Good work swimmers and coaches!

Next meet coming up is our home meet! Please sign up online or e-mail me if you want your swimmer to attend. So far we have 35 Coho Swimmers! I don't ever remember seeing such a great turnout for our club for our home meet in years! So many Juniors are competing and I am so excited to watch them, everyone in fact!


Coach Alex

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