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Hello All!!

We have had our last few weekends full of competition out of town! The most recent competition was in Innisfail. We had 17 swimmers participating which included 2 of our Jr. Swimmers! Everyone did amazing.

Here are some high lights:

Norah:2 best times and a 3rd place!

Carter: 2 best times with 3 1st places and a second place!

Evan: 1 best time and a second place!

Adi: His first swim meet as a Jr. Coho. Great work!

Tai: Swam some new races such as 100IM and impressed all coaching staff! Great work!

Chloe:1 best time and a second place!

Tanner: 3 best times and two third places!

Tony: 1 best time! Good work Tony!

Cody:2 best times and a second place!

Jordan: 1 best time and a third place!

Rylee: Such a great weekend, trying out her first 100IM and doing so well, looks strong!

Zoe: all 4 best times, taking a whopping 15 seconds off her 200 FR!

Ella: 3 second places!

Tessa: 3 best times!

Clara: Her first swim meet as a Jr Coho! You did so well!

Maddie: 2 best times and did an awesome 50 FR. You should see her flip turn!

Jade:First time trying the 50 BR and killed it! Great Work!

A few things coming up....


If you have not come to me to sign the waiver please come see me on deck this week BEFORE the 23rd or you will not be able to walk in the parade.


This is a fundraiser for the club! You will see the pledge sheets posted on the news board which you can print off. We are trying to raise money for our club for things such as coaching, equipment, continuing  education and others! You will receive an e-mail shortly from the coordinator, Lynne in regards to more information about the swim like crazy day. We will be looking for volunteers for this event which you can sign up online.


Deb has done a lot of work on trying to get us another meet for the summer. SO we have been invited to Devon, near Edmonton for a swim meet. It is a 6 lane outdoor pool. If you would like to join please E-MAIL ME! There is no sign up online. Please e-mail me by the end of the week. I am setting a DEADLINE for June 23. Earlier the better. I have sent the meet package already.


This is a Friday. We will have it from 3:45-5-30 ish. So Group 3 and 4 will need to arrive after school is done. PIZZA will be included of course. Us coaches have some fun things to try ;)

Swim from 4-5:15, give or take.

Pizza from 5:15-5:30

We will eat our pizza outside, weather permitting!

Thank you all for all your heard work and volunteering. Without you Coho wouldn't be the same!


Coach Alex

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