Swim Like Crazy - Thursday, July 6

One of our most fun events of the Canmore Coho Swim Club is coming up. Our annual “Swim like crazy” long distance swim event will be taking place on Thursday, July 6. This is a chance for all the athletes to show us their stuff and swim as far as they can. Your athlete’s coach will provide more information including the length of time the kids will be swimming. We will need volunteers to count the laps of each swimmer and write out the certificates for each participant. We would also like to have some food and drinks on hand to reward the athletes when they are finished.  Click on the Swim Like Crazy button under Upcoming Events (to the right of this post).  Please RSVP EACH swimmer, and then also click on Job Sign up for volunteer and food items. This is also a fundraiser for the club. Each athlete will want to hand in the pledge sheet and all money collected after the swim. Swim Like Crazy Pledge Sheet 2017

Thanks for your enthusiasm. Looking forward to seeing you out there.

Lynne (lhately@telus.net)

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