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Hello Everyone!

In to week 6!

We just completed our first swim meet this past weekend and we are blown away with the results! Some kids were crushing their times, taking over 10 seconds off in some races! Nice work! 

Didsbury Meet Re-cap This is coach Ben here with your Didsbury meet re-cap! Our coho kids swam well and showed the region and province that we are serious competition. Hard work is already paying off for the kids. I know I speak for all coaches when I say we are impressed with the work in practice! Current Team Rank (Provincially)- 2nd overall, for small team. Our kids score points for our team when they rank top 8 provincially in an event. We are in the "smaller team" category this year, and competing against other similar sized clubs for a trophy at provincials. (Full rankings here:

Coho Individual Results:

Norah Andronyk- First in 400 Free, 3rd in 50 Breastroke, and a bunch of best times as well! She ranks top 8 provincially in the 50 Breastroke and 400 Free. 

Carter Beamish- The legend himself wins all 4 of his events and ranks top 2 provincially in all his events. Niiiiiiiiiiice! 

Evan Beamish- crushed all of his personal best times, finished top 6 in two events, and really impressed his coaches! 

Tai Beaudet- at his FIRST EVER swim meet swim hard, has a great attitude, and shows great improvement in his first few weeks as a swimmer! 

Madi Belik- Had some great swims, including a very improved butterly race! She also ranks top 8 in the 400 Free in the province currently! Nice. 

Chloe Boucher- Seriously impressed her coaches with some great races, including winning the 100 Back and ranking top 8 provincially in that event and the 400 free. 

Tanner Douce- Even when sick, Tanner goes hard! He got a couple of PB's, some fast times, and ranks top 8 provincially in his 400 Free! 

Isabel McLurg- Wow, this girl can swim! She took loads of time off her races, and showed she can race fast! 

Cody Olsthoorn- Raced hard and strong, gaining a top 8 ranking in his 400 free provincially! 

Jordan Olsthoorn- Jordan had worked really hard at practice, and she got 100% Personal best times, came 1st in the 100 Free, and ranks top 8 provincially in the 100 free and 400 free. Big applause for Jordan! 

Tristen Quelch- Also at his first meet, Tristen raced hard and showed incredible improvement in all of his swims. Nice job!! 

Zoe Russell- Zoe works hard and has fun at practice every day, and it showed as she swam 100% personal best times!! 

Ella Stokowski- Is showing great form in all her race early on in the season, and has gained top 3 provincial ranking in her 100 Free, 400 Free, and 50 Breastroke. Watch out for Ella! 

Tessa Stokowki- Tessa has worked incredibly hard at practice each time she comes, and she got two well-earned personal bests in her 50 Free and 50 Breastroke. I was really impressed with her effort! That's all for this meet! GO COHO GO! We are going to rock the pool this year!


We have a swim meet this weekend Friday and Saturday, taking 13 swimmers for Coho. I can't wait to see what we can do this weekend! Ben and I will be in attendance.

-Innisfail Sign Up-

Innisfail is our next two day meet next weekend. Please sign up at your earliest! Kate will be coming to this meet, her first Alberta summer meet! Lets show her how we swim! Kate and Alex in Attendance. 

-June Team Night-

I am still working on some times. Look for an e-mail coming soon.

-Canada Parade DEADLINE JUNE 23-

I am so pleased with how many signatures we have already! So many from our Jr. Coho's! You still have another week to grab me and sign. Once I have submitted the waiver I will send out more details and the package that was given to me. Such as meeting time, costume, rules, route, and pick up time and place. This is going to be so exciting for us! Parents if you want to walk you are more than welcome. We have all coaches and most of our board member walking with us. There are many adults to supervise. 

Thank You everyone!!

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