Coaches Corner

Well week 2 has come and gone and onto week 3 of our 16 week season.

We have put all our swimmers into their appropriate groups and all coaches are starting to settle down into their training plans and implementing a successful season!

I can say that we have all seen so much improvement from Jr Coho to Group 4! It only makes us coaches more determined.

Few items coming up:

TEAM NIGHT: Wednesday May 24, All groups will be invited and encouraged to join! We will do some fun relays, mini races, and a huge game of BOB/Water polo, or whatever the kids can come up with. We are combing both swim clubs, Riptides and Coho. Building relationships with our fellow swim team!

TIME CHANGE on Team Night: Please have everyone on deck no later than 4pm. 

4-4:15 dryland/activation (yes group 3 and 4 at this time). We will swim/play till 5:30/45, followed by pizza! We will finish the day at around 6:15/30 pick up time.

If you could please e-mail me to let me know if you WILL ATTEND. So I can base the numbers for pizza.

COHO FUN MEET: Please sign up online as I am starting to put together the 'meet.' This is so much fun, that even our coaches may just have to swim in it as well.

DIDSBURY/COCHRANE MEET JUNE 3: Please be registered by no later than May 29. Sign up on our website. Entries are due the 30th.

SWIMMER OF THE MONTH: End of the month(s) a swimmer from each group will be awarded swimmer of the month caps. Based on, but not limited to: preparedness, encouragement, respect, attitude, improvement, sportsmanship, and going above and beyond. We will announce this on Team Night!

Reminder to check out our Facebook page! Lots of information and videos/articles.

See you ALL on Wednesday!

Coach Alex

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