Regionals ReCap

Coho’s had an amazing weekend at Regionals. There were many great swim, medals, and personal bests.

We have 5 swimmers who are moving into Provincials: Evan Beamish in the 800FR, 100Fly, 100FR and 400FR. Chloe Boucher in the 50 Fly, 100BK and 200 IM. Maddie Wickins in 100IM, 25 Fly, 25 FR and 50BR. Coach Ben in the 50FR. Sasha Boucher in the Medley and FR relay.

Adi Beaudet is an alternate in the 50 and 25BR, Zoe Russell was an alternate in the 50 and 100FR and Tony Koo was an alternate in his 200IM.

Well done to all Swimmers!

Evan Beamish: 2nd in his 800FR, 3rd in the 400FR, and 4th in his 100FR and FLY. On your way to Provincials!

Adi Beaudet: 3rd in his 25 FR and BR. And 3rd in his 50BR

Sasha Beaudet: A huge improvement in her swims this weekend! Came home with a bronze in her 25BK!

Chloe Boucher: 2nd in her 50Fly (who knew!) and 2nd in her 200IM with both huge time improvements from prelim to finals!

Sasha Boucher: Amazing swims this weekend, came out with a 5th in her 50BK and 3 huge PB’s!

Coach Ben: Gold in his 50 FR! Well done!

Kaya Giliker: Amazing weekend Kaya. Well done making it into finals in the 200IM (first time ever!) and the 100BR with a PB in the final!

Tony Koo: Made finals in all his events and had an amazing forst time 400FR this season! Well done!

Zoe Russell: Made finals in her 100FR and placed 5th. Way to go Zoe!

Oviya Somas: Taking off so much time in all her races! Amazing 8 seconds drop in her 50FR, unreal!

Poppy Wheelhouse: Amazing best times in all her races and she made finals in her 50BK, finished with 7th place!

Maddie Wickins: Amazing weekend for Maddie! Podium in all her events which got her into Provincials! Gold in her 25 FR and Fly, and 100IM and silver in her 50BR!

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