Calgary Swordfish ReCap

Well done to all swimmers at the Calgary Swordfish Meet! This was our last meet before Regionals and Provincials. Myself and Ben are looking into each athlete to find what events are going to help them succeed going into the last two meets of the season. We want our athletes to succeed in these meets and have fun doing so!

Swordfish ReCap:

Evan Beamish: 2 Pb’s and placing 1st in his 200FR, 2nd in his 200IM, and 3rd in his 400FR!

Adi Beaudet: 2nd in his 50 Fr and 3rd in his 25 Br, as well as 3 Pb’s during the meet!

Sasha Beaudet: 2 Pb’s in her 25 Bk and 25 Fr and 3 top 5 finishes in her races!

Chloe Boucher: 1st in her 200IM and her first PB in that race! Keep up the hard work.

Sasha Boucher: 3 /4 PB’S and 2nd in her 50 BK. Well done completing your first 100 BR this season as well!

Dakota Dixon: 3 /4 Pb’s, taking off 6 seconds in her 50 BK! Keep it up!

Kaya Giliker: 2 Pb’s! Taking near a second off her 100BR and first time swimming the 100IM!

Isabella Go: Crushing out all PB’s in this swim meet! Taking off huge amounts of time especially in her 25 Fy!

Tony Koo: Taking off 8 seconds in his 100BR and 7 seconds in his 200FR. Way to go!

Zoe Russell: Amazing job placing top 5 in her 100FR ad top 8 in her 100IM. Amazing!

Poppy Wheelhouse: 2 Pb’s in her 25 BK and 25 FR, your swimming is coming along!

Maddie Wickins: Broke 2 min in her 100IM and taking a second off in her 25 Fly! As well as taking first place in those 2 events. Way to go!

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