Regionals ReCap

Group 2 and 3 Recap

I was blown away with these groups! I don't think I can remember a time where we had any 8 and under make finals let alone having a 6 and under swimmer go home with 3 silver medals! GO COHO GO!

Kaya Giliker: 5th in her 25 BR, and 6th in her 50 BR. 2 Finals! Way to go Kaya. I am so impressed with you!

Jade Yawney: BRONZE in 25 back! I have never seen so much determination for Jade for this race, you deserved it! 7th in the 50 FR and made 3 out of 4 PB's! YES!

Rylee Powell: 1PB in the 50 Fly. I was so excited when Rylee asked to do the 50 Fly instead of the 100FR, great work Rylee! Really stepped it up this weekend!

Trillian Klinkhammer: Walking home with 3 silver medals! Keep in mind Trillian is one of our Junior swimmers and blew everyone away! This girl knows how to compete! Not only did she bring home some hardware but I think she made some great friendships with her competitors this weekend. Way to be kind Trillian!

Tai Beaudet: 2 PB's! Nice work Tai, such a great pleasure to coach, and thanks for telling me that we really need to work hard the week leading up to Regionals! ;) Tells the coaches you are very passionate about swimming and competition!

Dylan Bleakney: 3 PB's, taking off 5 seconds in his 50 FR! As well as coming in 8th place, Thats wild! Great work Dylan you worked hard this weekend!

Tony Koo: 7th in the 100 IM taking off a whopping 7 seconds! Nice work Tony! as well as another PB in his 50 back taking off 4 seconds! Well done!

Evan Beamish: 3rd in the 200 IM which gave him a wild card into Provincials! 4th in the 400 FR which also gave him a wild card into Provincials! Medals are up for grabs in these races, some closer than others! Time to get to get after them! AND finally broke 3:00 in his 200 FR! by 8 seconds! YES!

Isabel McLurg: 5th in her 200 IM, she is a bomb at this race! Taking off 26 seconds in total! WOW! Coming 6th in her 100 IM, should we start trainig you in more IM based sets...? I think so! Good Work!

Zoe Russell: All 4 PB's! You looked so strong this weekend! I am so proud of you and your accomplishments and I am so excited that we broke 36 in your 50 FR! YAA!

Group 4- Regionals Recap The coaches were very happy with the results from regionals! The kids swam very well, and the training program is right on track. Provincials here we come!!Norah Andronyk- Made finals (top 8) in all of her swims, and was even able to grab a bronze medal in the girls 11/12 50 Breastroke! Great job Norah!
Carter Beamish- The man, the myth, the legend grabbed gold in Boys 13/14 100 Free, 200 Free, 400 Free, and a silver in the 100 Back! Carter will be aiming to win gold medals and grab club records in all four of his events at provincials. He also broke Isaac Wilson's 200 Free club record! Great job Carter!
Jocelyn Bleakney- swam personal best in all of her events, and made finals in the Girls 13/14 100 Breastroke and 100 Freestyle. Some hard work in practice paid off at the right time. Great job Jocelyn!
Chloe Boucher- Swam really, really well at this meet, demolishing her personal bests in the 400/800 Free, and she finished top 5 in everything she swum; Chloe even grabbed a bronze medal in the 14 and under 800 Free! Nice job Chloe!!
Tanner Douce- had an excellent swim meet and won three medals; the 800 free and 400 free were silver, and the 200 free was bronze. Tanner also dropped lots and lots of time off of his personal best times. GREAT job Tanner!
Cody Olsthoorn- Cody was aiming to have personal bests in all of his swims at this swim meet, and Cody demolished all four of his personal best in the 400, 200, 100, and 50 freestyle! Cody also grabbed provincial qualifications in all of his events but the 50 free. Great job Cody!!
Jordan Olsthoorn- capped off a great season of training with some super swims at regionals! Jordan was able to make top 8 in all of her swims, and she even grabbed a silver medal in the girls 15-17 100 freestyle! That medal was a well deserved reward for a season of hard work and dedication!
Ella Stokowski- I'm not even sure how to describe the incredible swimming I saw from Ella this weekend. Ella won four gold medals and swam 10 club records over the course of the weekend. Ella will be aiming to re-break all her club records and win four gold medals at provincials in the Girls 13/14 50 and 100 Breast and 50/ 100 Freestyle. Go Ella!
Tessa Stokowski- Tessa finished off a great season of training with four GREAT swims in the 50/100 Breastroke and 100/200 Free. Tessa's best swim was her 200 Free, where she dropped almost 20 seconds off her personal best to come 5th overall! Great job Tessa!!
Relays- Finally, we had several awesome relays in group 4, all of which are going to provincials! Shout of to Ella/Carter/Tanner/Chloe for 2 club records and two silver medals! Also a shout out to Kate/Alex/Evan/Dylan/Isabel/Tessa who combined to win two gold medals in their relays. The relay of Alex/Evan/Dylan/Tessa also nabbed a club record! Nice job!
Club Records- A Total of 12 club records fell this weekend, the full list is below:
Carter- Breaks Isaac Wilson's 2015 record in 200 Free!
Ella- Breaks her own records twice in the 50 Free/Breast and 100 Free. She also broke Sarah Luthy's 1995 club record in the 100 Breastroke twice.
Evan- Destroys his own club record in the 200 IM twice!
Coach Kate- 3 club records in the 18+O 50 Back, 100 Back and 100 IM
Relays: The mixed 14 and under team of Ella/Carter/Tanner/Chloe broke their own club records in the free and medley relay.
And finally, Alex/Evan/Dylan/Tessa broke Ben/Evan/Sasha/Rylee's record in the 18+O free relay (but Ben and Sasha are determined to re-break it)
WE ARE SO HAPPY WITH OUR SWIMMERS, PARENTS AND COACHES! Well done to everyone and all the volunteered this past weekend! Coho is taking 10 swimmers to Provincials this weekend! Go Coho Go! Coach Alex, Ben and Kate
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