ParticipACTION Challenge

Coho has been given the opportunity to compete in the “Community Better” physical activity challenge which is being hosted by ParticipACTION!The challenge takes place from May 31-June 16!

This challenge is 4 fold and looks to do the following:

1.Increase physical activity levels across Canada

2.Have community members and groups track their physical activity levels for the 2 weeks

3.Create a better sense of community by having fun, inclusive, accessible physical activity opportunities for all

4.Crown the most active community in Canada

This challenge gives Coho the opportunity to win prize money, and help Canmore be crowned the most active community in Canada. Coho is really excited to be participating and we have some fun ways to be tracking this! Each time your child comes to swimming over these two weeks, they can place a sticker by their nameand we will then submit our results to the site and then await the results to see if Canmore is truly the most active community in Canada (we have a really good chance!).  

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