Coho Fun Meet

Hello Parents,

As our season is starting to amp up  we are offering our Coho Fun Meet on May 26, 8am-12pm at Elevation Place. This is a great introduction to what you will see going into the competitions this summer. All coaches highly recommend attending our Fun Meet.

It will only be Coho members but will still be a sanctioned meet. Meaning events the swimmers swim will be recorded and used in future for entering them into other meets. This is a great meet for our Junior swimmers, new swimmers and cross trainers. This allows you to post times in the Freestyle event(s) which will open up other events once you complete it. Otherwise, your first meet that is out of town you may only be able to do 1 or 2 events.

Not only is this a great opportunity for swimmers but parents as well! All swim meets are run by parent volunteers. This Fun meet we are still looking for volunteers to run the meet. There are positions such as timers, and stroke and turn judges. If you require more information on these positions please contact Jacquie at officials@canmorecoho.com

To sign up, please go onto the website on the right hand side and select the Coho Fun Meet. From there you can list your swimmer as attending or not. There is also a tab to volunteer at the meet with a variety of positions available to you.

You will see the whole list of meets we will be attending this summer. So if you know your schedules you can go into each meet and select your attendance status! Our first out of town meet is in Cochrane on June 1.

Please refer to our website and the Google Calendar tab for all special events/swim meets and deadlines.

Any questions please feel free to ask!

Happy long weekend!

Coach Alex


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