Coho Swim Club Events TONIGHT Aug 14

Good Morning Everyone!

Tonight is a BIG night for our Swim Club!  It's time to celebrate an amazing swim season.

Swimmers need to be on deck at 530pm for swimming and games while parents are attending the AGM.

AGM - Room 212 630-730pm.  At least 13 members are required for a quorum.

Awards, Pizza, Salad, Dessert, Drinks - Room 209 directly after the AGM.

 RSVP on the website if you have not done so 

Bring your own drink, plates, cutlery, napkins for your family and a dessert to SHARE

(Room 209 doors open at 645pm for room set up and food drop off)

For members who still require Volunteer Points please help with Room 209 set up and/or clean up to fulfill your club requirements. 

I look forward to seeing everyone tonight!  Please contact me with any questions.

Thank you for your time.  Enjoy the sunny day.

Daena Sidney 403-679-1019 

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