Swordfish re-cap and updates

Hello Coho!

What an amazing weekend at Swordfish! Just to mention… if you have not been to the new YMCA, I recommend checking it out, great facility with lots to offer!

We are in crunch time with Canmore being our last meet this weekend. Ben and I are researching what will give swimmers the best probability for the podium at Regionals which, ultimately gives them access into Provincials! This includes the relays as well. I am trying my best to get as many people on a relay for Canmore, however some of my options are limited because we have certain relays I cannot break up.

For some Coho swimmers this is your last week of practice and last meet! Lets make the best out of it and have lots of fun leading up to this weekend!

You have until the end of today to register online!

Final reminder… TEAM NIGHT TOMORROW July 25th 4-6 pm at LGMS field! No swimming. See you all then!

Here is a personal best re-cap from Swordfish. I still recommend heading to the ASSA site to review more in depth results (here) from the meet.

Evan B and Tai B, and Ovyia S came home will all 4 personal best! Amazing, keep up knocking off more time each meet!

Maddie W, Trillian K, Tanner D, Tony K, Dylan B, Adi B, Sasha B, Kaya G, Poppy W all came home with multiple best times as well. You all impress the coaches each meet, let alone each practice. It’s all paying off and it’s time to put it into the final meets coming up!

Our relays are looking so good! Keep and eye out for all our mixed gender relays!

I couldn’t be more proud for all of you. I think I can speak on behalf of all Coho coaches!


Coach Alex

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