Welcome 2018

Hello Coho Families,

Welcome to Coho Summer Swimming 2018!

We are looking forward to meeting you all on our first day, tomorrow May 1! 

PARENT MEETING will be May 8, 7pm in room 212 of EP- I will send reminder email, but please mark it down!

Few notes:

-Ben is away the first two weeks. 

-In group 3/4 we are doing a collaboration with the two groups, so expect similar training schemes swimmers!

-Coach Carly is back with for all the Junior swimmers!


If your swimmer is part of the Tuesday/Thursday/ Friday Jr Coho:

Swim times are 3:45-4 Dryland, 4-5 swim.

If your swimmer is part of the Monday/Wednesday/Friday Jr Coho:

Swim times are 4-4:15 Dryland, 4:15-5:15 swim. Fridays are 3:45-4 Drlyand 4-5 swim.


Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 3:45-4 Dryland, 4-5 swim, 5-5:15 stretch/hot tub

Tuesday and Thursday: 4-4:15 Dryland, 4:15-5:15 swim, 5:15-5:30 stretch/hot tub

GROUP 3/4:

Monday-Thursday:  5:15-5:45 Dryland, 5:45-7:15 swim, 7:15-7:30 stretch/hot tub.

Friday: GROUP 3: 3:45- 4 Dryland, 4-5 swim, 5-5:15 stretch/ hot tub

Friday GROUP 4: 4:45-5 Dryland, 5-6 swim, 6-6:15 stretch/hot tub

Small changes this year. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!

You can reach me at headcoach@canmorecoho.com

See you tomorrow!

Coach Alex

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