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We all know how time consuming being part of a club is, and how much it takes financially to make it happen!

In an effort to keep membership fees reasonable, we have created a fundraising program which is easy to participate in. The 2020 CLUB fundraising GOAL is  $15000. 

We will be offering the following programs that you may choose to participate in for “FUN”draising:

Save-On-Foods Grocery Gift Cards - This is an ongoing fundraiser throughout the year that is the EASIEST to participate in, and doesn't cost you ANTHING more than what you would normally spend on groceries.  You can set up "standing" orders with our coordinator so that you don't have to remember to order each month. 10% of your order i.e. you order $200 worth of Save on Gift Cards, $20 goes towards the club's fundraising goal, and you get the full $200 to spend on groceries.

*Swim Like Crazy Day Date TBA .  Every year, we set a night aside for the swimmers to swim as many laps as they can in a set amount of time.  You'd be surprised how many they can accomplish!  It is a very rewarding night for the swimmers, and every $dollar collected through pledges goes to the club.  This is a great opportunity for the swimmers themselves to collect pledges (and take some pressure off busy parents!).

Wine Survivor Who doesn't like a chance to get a whole bunch of wine!  (See if your team "survives" and wins!).  More details to come.

Personal Donation If you wish, you may make a personal donation to our club.  Please write cheque payable to Canmore Coho Swim Club.

Although not mandatory, we do strongly encourage everyone to participate in at least one or two of our fundraising initiatives. It is our goal to keep our swim fees reasonable, and the only way to to this is through raising additional funds in fundraisers.

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