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We all know how time consuming being part of a club is, and how much it takes financially to make it happen!

In an effort to keep membership fees reasonable, we have created a fundraising program which is easy to participate in. 

Save-On-Foods Grocery Gift Cards - This is an ongoing fundraiser throughout the year that is easy to participate in, and doesn't cost more than what you would normally spend on groceries.  If you order $200 worth of Save-on-Foods gift cards, 10% or twenty dollars, goes towards the club and you have $200 for groceries.

Swim Like Crazy Day - every year, we set a night aside for the swimmers to swim as many laps as they can in a set amount of time.  You'd be surprised how many they can accomplish!  It is a very rewarding night for the swimmers, and every dollar collected through pledges goes to the club. 

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